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    Image Lajeado

    Headquarter: Lajeado/RS

    Image Vitória de Santo Antão

    Northeast Facility: Vitória de Santo Antão/PE

    “I was born on top of a bag of sugar!”

    This sentence is used by Mr. Nestor Heineck, father of the brothers Fernando, Alexandre and Ricardo Heineck, to introduce himself. They are all part of a confectioner´s family - with more than 80 years of tradition - explaining the great love story for the candy business. This passion that runs deep into in their veins has shown that hard work, dedication, commitment and innovation make the difference.

    Located in Lajeado, south of Brazil, the company was established in 1991 by the Heineck brothers, Docile has more than 250 items in its portfolio, divided into seven categories: Jellies, Pressed Candies, Licorices, Chewing Gums, Gummies, Marshmallows and Powdered drinks.

    Docile’s headquarters is located in Lajeado and the second facility is based in Vitória de Santo Antão, northeast of Brazil. The company has more than 800 employees, a constructed area of more than 40,000 m2 and produces more than 2.6 million kilograms per month, supplying the national market and exporting to more than 60 countries.

    ISO 9001* certified by BSI, and FSSC 22000* certified by DNV-GL, Docile Alimentos is committed, according to its Food Safety Policy, to manufacture candies for its consumers taking into consideration the requirements of customers and regulatory entities. This is done through continuous improvement of our products and processes to create a desire for our brands.

    Quality, innovation, ethics, boldness, health, sustainability, and respect for the consumer are the pillars that guide our actions, inside and outside the company. With around 800 direct employees, Docile focuses on one of its main values: to do everything well and always innovate, offering consumers quality and unique products.

    After a quarter of a century of existence, Docile is, today, the greatest producer of Pressed Candies in Latin America and the second one in Brazil of Jellies, Gummies and Marshmallows. Docile Alimentos wrote its sweet history following the company’s values of doing things right, in a simple and consistent way.

    * Southern facility

    Certificações e selos - Docile


    Awaken the desire for our brands, satisfying customers, members of the organization and society.


    - Doing well done

    - Simple way to be and to act

    - Responsibility in all actions

    - Respect, empowerment and appreciation of people

    - Improvement and innovation of products and processes

    - Organization, cleaning

    - Hygiene, health and safety of workers

    - Attention and dedication to the client

    - Social Responsibility and Sustainability

    - Profitability

    - Participative management

    Products Docile Image

    Our Procuts


    MARSHMALLOWS - Soft and delicious

    Docile’s MaxMallows are extremely soft and delicious, with delicate and surprising flavors, soft colors and shapes that range from traditional to playful, making everyone happy. Packed in bags of 50, 150, 220 and 250g, they are sure to have Max success among everyone who tries them out.


    LICORICE - Endless flavor

    Licorice is Docile´s great new product. Sweet or Sour, our Licorices are available in pencils and belts and in Strawberry, Sour Strawberry and Sour Tutti-Frutti flavors. The candy has conquered consumers of all ages. They are packed in 70g or 17g. This division has turned Docile into one of the suppliers with largest mix of products in the market.


    GUMMIES - Unique flavors, colors and shapes

    Docile’s Gelatines offers consumers gummies with colorful, fun and unique shapes. The category is packed in 15, 80, 250 and 1kg bags. It creates magical and tasty moments, with textures that can be sugary or sour.

    Pressed Candies

    PRESSED CANDIES - Crunchy and tasty

    Docile is the largest producer of pressed candies in Latin America and, therefore, its line offers options for all tastes: from sweet to the refreshing ones, from the traditional to the mini ones, from the square shaped to the round with a heart in the center shaped one. Docile´s Pressed candies attend consumers of all ages and are perfect for every moment.

    Chewing Gum

    CHEWING GUM - A nostalgic taste

    Docile offers a variety of products on its chewing gums division. From the mini ones to the ones filled and with a crunchy thin crust, from fruity to the refreshing ones. The novelty of this category is the new Zoah!, a chewing gum that paints the tongue and brings a sour and surprising taste to consumers.


    JELLIES - Soft and delicious

    Docigoma is Docile´s brand of Jellies and it offers consumers a variety of shapes with fruity flavors and sweet or sour toppings. The category also has the incomparable and traditional Docigoma Eucalyptus.
    Docigoma´s incredible taste and texture made it a success among consumers from all ages, and promoted the expansion of the category to all regions of Brazil. Docigoma is packed in several shapes and sizes, presenting the largest variety of the Brazilian market.


    POWDERED SOFT DRINKS - Flavor that refreshes

    Powdered drinks were Docile´s first products and although many years have passed since their first production, the category continues to get attention and significant investments.
    New and modern equipments, and improvements in the product’s compositions are frequently carried out, so that consumers can taste a product with higher quality. Nowadays Docile has two brands: Tandy and Refresco. Tandy has Vitamin C and Fruit Pulp in its composition, resulting in an even tastier and healthier product.

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